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We represent companies such as Hurst Boiler & Welding, Oilon High Efficiency burners, Watson McDaniel steam specialties, Schebler chimney systems, Turnbull industrial coils, Albany fuel pump systems, A.I.C. heat exchangers, Spirax Sarco Canada and other well recognized manufacturer’s. Our commitment is to provide quality products & services at competitive prices.  S.C. DeLong Sales Inc. is not satisfied until our customers are satisfied.

4 Pass Vertical Tube & Tubeless Boilers

2,3 & 4 Pass Firetube Boilers

Firebox Boilers
Deaerator/ Feedwater Heaters
Wood/Biomass Boilers
Blowdown Separators
Electric Condensate Booster Systems
Simplex and Duplex
Cast iron, steel and stainless-steel construction
Standard or low NPSHR pumps
Control panels
Feedwater System
Condensate Pumps
Steam Traps
Temperature Control Valves
Hand Radiator Valves
Externally pressurized expansion joints
Packed expansion joints
Bellow type expansion joints
Ball joints
Expansion compensators
Braided expansion joints
Braided hose pump connectors
Sample Coolers
Pot Feeders
Metering Pumps
Water and Waste Water Solutions
Ball valves

Butterfly valves

Gate valves

Globe valves

Check valves


High purity hygienic ball valves

Pressure Reducing & Regulating Valves

Air Eliminators, Vents & Liquid Drainers

Temperature Regulators
Control Valves
Steam Traps & Repair Kits
Clean Steam Traps and Filters
Pressure Powered Condensate Booster
Instantaneous Water Heaters
Flash Tanks
Steam Silencers & Seperators
Syphon Injectors & Suction tees
Pressure Gauges
Thermometers, Digital/Mercury/Gas/Dial
Diaphragm Transmitters
Temperature Regulators
Control Valves
Stainless steel vertical and horizontal electric condensate booster systems
Stainless steel vertical and horizontal electric feedwater systems
Stainless steel vacuum condensate booster systems
Custom feedwater and condensate systems
Stainless steel vacuum condensate booster systems
Skid packages
Feedwater pumps, parts and accessories
Oil Tanks
Oil Separators

Custom Tanks

Modular industrial steam boilers

Low water content

Five-minute cold start-up

Boiler monitoring & control

Quick ship program

Water treatment

Stainless steel shell & coil heat exchangers
Tube-n- shell heat exchangers
Straight Shell heat exchangers
Titanium steel-n- tube heat exchangers
Marine grade heat exchangers
Plate & Frame heat exchangers
Brazed plate heat exchangers
Commercial # 2 oil, Natural gas / Propane burners
Industrial burners
Marine burners
Power Plant burners
Wisedrive Linkage Less control system
Oil transfer pumps
ULC Oil transfer systems – Simplex, Duplex, Triplex and Custom
ULC Pump controller
Level Control system
ULC simplex and duplex oil strainers
ULC Oil filtration and water removal system
Excess pressure pumps
Electric condensate booster systems
Fuel system parts and accessories
Ball Valves

3-Way Valves

Gate Valves

Control Valves


Vent Silencers

Engine Silencers

Rotary Blower Silencers

Air Filter and Filter Silencers

Centrifugal Blower & Fans

Pre-fabricated chimney
Chimney Liners
Grease Ducts
Free Standing Chimney’s

Steam Traps & repair kit

Clean steam traps & repair kits

Pressure & temperature regulators

Electric and pneumatic control valves

Pressure powered and Electric condensate boosters

Instantaneous water heaters

Flash, blowdown and heat recovery tanks / systems

Steam silencers and moisture separators

Gate, globe and ball valves

Automated Wood Chip & Biomass BoilersRanges 30-4500+ KW / 100,000 – 15.4M + BTU’s/hr

Wood Chipper
PTO. Electric & Diesel Driven

Electric Steam Boilers

Electric Hot Water Boilers

Electric Hot Water Heaters

Soot Blowers / Tube Cleaners


Unit Heaters


Vertical Multistage Feedwater Pumps

End Suction Pumps

In-Line Pumps

Close Coupled Pumps

Centrifugal Pumps

Submersible Pumps

Circulator Pumps

High Efficiency Smart Circulator pumps

Multi-Unit System c/w Control Panel

Stainless Steel Well Pumps

Vertical turbine pumps

Submersible mixers


Water, Oil & Condensate Meters
Oil Pumps
Checmical Feed Pumps
Chemical Feeder Systems
Strainers – Y type, Basket, Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron & Bronze
Surface Blowdown Valves
Quick Opening Blowdown Valves
Slow Opening Blowdown Valves
Boiler Feedwater Pumps
Boiler Level Controls
Water Treatment Equipment
Oil Bypass Relief Valves
Float & Lever Valves
Overflow Traps
Pneumatic Soot Blowers
Pot Feeders
Solenoid Valves, Ball Valves
Control Valves
Safety Relief Valves

Spare Parts

Manhole & Handhole Gaskets

Boiler Rope & Gaskets

Gauge Glass Sets
Flame Safeguard Controls
Electrodes & Transformers
Burner Parts


Steam and condensate system troubleshooting
Steam trap surveys
Boiler system layout
Installation and engineering support
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